Hosting Reseller for a Web Master

A web master needs domain names and hosting in order to place his website designs so it could be enjoyed and accessed by people. Therefore, he needs to be supported by a reliable and dependable hosting company and a domain provider. If you are a webmaster that already many clients then the choices have become a reseller of a hosting company should be considered, here are some reasons why you should become a reseller of a hosting company.

Nowadays there has been a lot of hosting companies and registration of domain names that offer reseller packages at affordable prices, and it would be cheaper than if you take the retail package. In addition to the advantage of the price you can also take benefit from the speed of time in processing an order.

When we decide to do online business, so we must ready to focus on our customer’s satisfaction as our main aspect. For example in handling an order from our customer when they want to build a website. We must set up a domain name and a hosting account as soon as they paid for the price. In this case,if you buy at retail this will be very dependent on the hosting company where you buy and register a domain name. If you have a reseller account yourself then no more than 15 minutes you can activate a complete website with information on the web page Under Construction. So you can immediately make a report to the owner of the website that his domain and hosting is already active, and the status of websites is currently in progress.

If you have many clients, of course you do not want to mess around by the invoices for them, you do not have to send an email to remind when their website expires, and with the help of billing software for hosting everything will be done automatically. There is lots of billing software’s for this purpose, but most of them are paid version. Well now there is a good hosting billing, it was a paid version, but later on it become an open source version or free which you can utilized to perform your client management. Starting from a package of services, order entry, client areas, support tickets, create invoice, and also send a reminder invoice that can be setup automatically sent to your client email. The Software is Account lab plus, if you use the C panel you can directly installing via auto installer no more than 5 minutes.

Keep up the good work!!!

Niche Market – New Web Site? Find The Best Market Niche Without Wasting Your Time

What is a niche market?

It is a portion of a market sector, a part of an industry that offers specific types of products or services to the small number of customers who want them. Business focused on a niche market is addressing a need for products or services that are not normally addressed by other marketers. The secret of successfully providing with the expected products the niche customers is to find and persuade them to purchase your products.

Sell better earn more…

This newly released soft, Niche Inspector, is the ideal solution for a successful internet marketer.

Niche Inspector does niche market and keyword research in a few minutes with the best expected results. It guarantees finding the profitable niches that will instantly increase your income.

Niche Inspector is the Solution for marketing failure

Many are marketing to wrong niches and this influences negatively their bank account because they simply do not have a system in their mind.

Researching the best market niches or keywords with any other soft solutions consumes time and requires complex tools and knowledge. Niche Inspector is the first soft that performs a multitude of research tasks in seconds and requires no subscription fees.

How does Niche Inspector increase the profitability of your site?

Niche Inspector determines the demand, the supply and the profit potential for a particular sector.

Another advantage of using it is that it saves your time and money spent marketing to unprofitable niches and all these without subscription fees.

Among the other benefits there are: getting results from Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines, supplying you with up to 250 words relevant to different sectors, identifying subniches. The most remarkable results are the profit potential estimates and the best paying niches that are displayed after doing the research.

Review Of Stargate Atlantis – Season One

In 1994, “Stargate” the movie was released, produced and directed by Roland Emmerich, whose credits now include, “Godzilla” and “Independence day”. This film has gone on to spawn two spin-off TV series, Stargate SG1 starting in 1997 and Stargate Atlantis starting 2004. The first series ran for a record 10 years, and Stargate Atlantis is on its fourth season, so clearly, the formula works.

Briefly, the Film was based on the Largely discredited notion that the Pyramids of Egypt, were constructed by visiting aliens and that the Pantheon of Ancient Egyptian Gods, were actually visiting Aliens. Nevertheless, this Roland Emmerich film, a firm favorite of mine, carries this premise off with verve. The story goes that Aliens visit Earth, use humans to build space man stuff, leave Earth to go to another Galaxy at the far end of the Universe, and leave behind the material wonders of ancient Egypt, and the Stargate. The Stargate is discovered by scientists, acquired by US air force, experimented on, for decades. The final codes are deciphered by an outsider invited in. Then, a team is sent for first time through the Stargate to another Planet in another Galaxy. They meet enslaved Humans transported to the planet millennia ago, do battle with the aliens, and win. Stargate SG1 follows on from here. The Stargate TV series are a very rich tapestry of complex events and the writers rarely leave loose ends dangling and forgotten about.

In series 8 of Stargate SG1, a City Built by a race known as the ancients is discovered. From records in this city, information is found about an even more magnificent city in the Pegasus Galaxy. A large scientific expedition with military escort is gathered and sent through a Stargate to investigate the City in the Pegasus galaxy. Thus began Stargate Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis is as complex as its predecessor. However, it has a completely different flavor. Where Stargate SG1 focuses on the activities of a team of 4 persons, and then gradually widened its focus, Stargate Atlantis starts with a full expedition as its cast, though focused on a core of about 10 persons, plus its focus is immediately at a Galactic scale. There are four major drivers that give Stargate Atlantis a flavor of constant urgency and tension.

Firstly, the team is trapped in Atlantis unable to return to Earth. This is primarily because the Stargate only had enough power for a one way trip , ego, they expect to find a power source to power their return to Earth. There is a continuous search for the correct power source.

Secondly. the Ancients were beaten by a formidable Enemy. This is important because, the Ancients are humanoid, assumed to be related to mankind, and their technology annihilated all protagonists in the Milky way Galaxy, the Battle ground of Stargate SG1. Whoever beat the ancients had to be bad new, and although the defeat was 10,000 years previously, the enemy still Held sway in the Pegasus Galaxy. The Enemy, the Wraith uses humanity as Food. The Wraith give no quarter, surrender is no option, the Wraith “cull” entire planetary population and this is portrayed in horrifying detail, The Wraith are aware of the return of people to the City of the Ancients, Atlantis, and are gathering their forces for a titanic battle

The scientific expedition is short of all supplies, including food. They are forced to trade with communities they discover via their short range Stargate, this leads to both positive and negative encounters.

The City, properly powered is capable of flying back to Earth. This discovery is made by the expedition and the Wraith also find out. The Wraith’s depredations have so badly affected Human population numbers that the Wraith have started to Starve. Then they discover the Existence of Earth, and the rest of the heavily populated Milky Way Galaxy , filled with Races, technologically inferior to the Ancients, whom they have already defeated. Their keenness to Acquire Atlantis escalates and their advance towards Atlantis speeds up.

In summary, Robert C Cooper and Brad Wright, the Creators of the series have crafted a sumptuous and fabulous series which in season one almost never disappointed me. Their development of the characters and the overall concept of the series is in my opinion first rate. The episodes swing effortlessly from a story about a small expedition to a small village dealing primarily with human interaction, to titanic Interstellar Battles superbly portrayed for a television audience.

The science is not always immaculate, but it must be remembered that the actual performance of sciences 10,000 years in advance of ours can not be accurately by 21st Century TV. This is a series to be treasured, get it.

7 Things You Should Do When Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business is an altogether complicated thing to do. Many have failed because of the inability to cope with the ups and downs, attributed to a lack of foresight and planning.

To have a better shot at success, here are 7 things you should not do:

1. Do your homework.

When starting an online business, preparation is crucial. Think of it like cooking: you start by preparing your ingredients. How do you decide on what ingredients to prepare? It’s through research.

Without doing any research, the consequences that await you are dire. Research who your customers will be, your product, and what people are willing to pay for your services. Give yourself a good start by preparing before the real business begins.

2. Plan with data

Do not plan unless you’ve done your research thoroughly and gathered data. You need to have sufficient data before you can even start to make out a plan. With data, you’ll be able to come up with a recipe for success that will likely work – and sell.

3. Worry about the money

Money is what sustains a business, and without it you’ll never be able to make your business stand up and. In business, there is always a chance that you’ll run out of money before you can even make a profit.

Plan out your financial goals in advance, don’t wait until it’s too late. Have a safety net or contingency plan already prepared in case something happens.

4. Setting the price right

Sometimes when you’re desperate in selling, you’ll set the price at a very low cost. This is something you must avoid, for this means the business is not working. Do not undervalue yourself. Set the necessary price to be able to make a decent, worthy profit.

5. Have a friendly, catchy domain name

Your domain or web address is an important tools for online businesses. Your customers’ first impression will rely heavily on how your website looks and works.

You must have a simple and clear navigation so that your customers can browse leisurely. Also, another important thing is to ensure the web hosting of your website. Choose a trustworthy host to avoid downtime.

6. Consider SEO and branding, and being active on social media.

Make your online business work by generating massive amounts of web traffic. Even if your product is great, without search engine optimization (SEO), it will be buried by thousands of websites. You must be active in major social media sites as well. This means advertising and cultivating brand awareness. Facebook and Pinterest are good places to start.

7. Value Customer service and experience.

Remember customers are looking a good buying experience as well a good product. Interact with them, and answer their questions promptly. That can be through chat, e-mail, telephone, or surveys. Make them feel welcome to share their concerns. In all likelihood, they will return to your website.

Secrets To a Powerful Resume

What Are The Secrets?

Nobody can ever underestimate how important it is to have a powerful resume. The first impression counts, and the initial perception that a potential employer will have on an applicant will depend on how they present themselves and the content of their resume. Presentation provides the one and only chance for an applicant to capture the attention of a potential employer. It determines whether an employer will consider one for employment, or whether the prospective employer will just toss the resume into the file away because of poor presentation.

Statistics reveal that the average employer only takes a few seconds to look at a resume, so it is vital that it makes a lasting impression. In an increasingly competitive job market, one has to have an impressive resume that contains the right information, so that it stands out amongst the countless other resumes, which a potential employer will be examining.

Powerful resume writing starts with the articulation of facts, which must be in line with the open position. Applicants must also ensure to focus on their career, and they give information about their skills while demonstrating how their skills will be necessary for the job opening. Failure to relate skills with relevant facts that a potential employer is looking for may lead to a resume that is indeed informative, but also one that lacks precision.

Company Profile

The first step towards establishing a successful relationship with the potential employer entails carrying out due diligence on the company before getting into resume writing. This enables the applicant to identify and align the resume with the accomplishments, culture, values, mission and strategic objectives of the management. Looking into the responsibilities relating to the job and streamlining the resume to reflect these factors is an important aspect while writing a resume.

Proper Editing

Formatting and editing ensures that one presents the resume in a consistent and succinct manner. All activities should appear in a chronological manner, and an impressive design balances the creativity and formality of the resume contents. Excellent resume writers proofread and spell check the document to eliminate any errors, and they maintain a positive tone throughout the document.

Instead of concentrating on ways to make the resume longer, one needs to make it concise and clear since a good resume attracts the attention of the reader towards the academic and previous job experiences of the applicant. This, however, does not mean that the applicant should not use the industry jargons since they show how familiar one is regarding a job opening in a company. It is also important to align the resume to the standard A4, and only send it after reviewing and editing. Also, use bullet points when putting down activities within a particular period.

Proper Layout

Powerful resume writing initiates a consistent and engaging flow of information, and resume writers start with a concise and clear header standing out as a dynamic, branded and positioning statement. One has to subdivide the main body by using titles in bold fonts, and every detail under each title has to be straightforward and related to the title.

Flow of Information

A detailed section relating to the personal information of the applicant comes first, so consider including a professional title right after the personal information section just before core competencies. Presenting an effective skill set should be the epitome of any resume forming part of the section on core competence, which resonates with the applicant’s areas of expertise and professional background. Professional background must capture relevant experience to the job opening, and it should end with an attractive connotation denoting the applicant’s experience and vast knowledge. In addition, include an embedded link to the professional online profile to prevent recruiters from mistaking one’s identity and quantify each achievement using action-benefit statements.


An excellent resume captures strong standpoints proposing how an applicant can be of importance to the potential employer, and this puts the applicant’s abilities way ahead those of other applicants. A successful resume sells the applicant’s skill set and convinces the potential employer that one is the best candidate for the job. A good resume establishes the applicant as a professional who upholds high standards, and it helps to clarify the applicant’s career direction and potential.

The next time a professional resume writer hands in a resume, look into these details. Understand the flow of the resume, check for consistencies and the articulation of core competencies.

Relationship Advice – What Men Need to Know About Women & Their Minds

Relationship advice is sought by both men and women. What is the important generic relationship advice every man should be aware of? It is very fundamental. It can lengthen a relationship for better. It is also very interesting. These are all tips based on evolutionary point of view which you may not be aware of.

I am going to reveal the secret here. Take advantage of it.

What women say and do may be entirely different at times. Why?

For example, a woman may say that she wants a man with listening attitude but she ends up with a man who dominates a conversation. There is a deep subconscious reason behind it. Men should be aware of it so that they can adjust their actions accordingly.

There is a historical, biological reason for men and women wanting to come together. It is to propagate the species. Though a woman may never think about pregnancy at all consciously, her subconscious mind has other considerations – like desiring to have a good caring father to her children. It is these important priorities in the subconscious mind that rules women’s behavior externally unknown to them.

What she really wants deep inside is a good dad who is capable of providing for her children. And such a person must have confidence in himself to sustain and take care of the family.

Now do you understand why women go after men with money? Or she goes for a person with a decent profession that can bring in stable income. She unconsciously looks for a better provider in the interest of her children.

Women also want to have a man who has great resources and is generous. This is the reason why women value gifts such as jewelry.

Sometimes, a woman may prefer strength in a man as it also indicates the ability to provide. She may settle for a strong electrician instead of a computer engineer whose income is much greater.

So this is essential to understand a woman’s deeper, unspoken needs and get ready to meet them. You have to take into account these things while dealing with women in a relationship.

Christopher Ward Watches

Christopher Ward of London is a young forward thinking timepiece enterprise based primarily online. Born in Liverpool, Christopher Ward takes design inspiration from Queen Victoria’s timepiece creator, Thomas Russell and incorporates classic British style with modern innovation. The British watch manufacturer unites Swiss style into all its timepiece collections.

Ward’s style is luxurious, yet within reach of everyone with affordable prices and pieces. Partnered with Swiss attention to detail, exquisite and striking looks Ward’s Divine Ronde collection provides stylized fashion at a classic price.

The retro style of the Lido quartz series draws on classic Italian style to create a timepiece that is at once easy elegance plus classic masterful engineering. Masculine style big, bold and strong abounds in Ward’s C4 Terminator chronograph watch, the watch highlights an ease of design that is generally reserved for its more expensive cousins yet it is served up at an affordable price. Women’s timepieces are similarly varied.

Nearly a full carat of diamonds grace and adorn the base plus crown of the Encore D9 watch. The posh classic piece is a gorgeous, well-crafted tribute to British style and engineering. The hand polished case is engraved with unique model’s serial number increasing buyer confidence in this piece’s one of a kind design.

Christopher Ward’s of London understands that a company’s success depends on delivering outstanding quality to customers with remarkable value, honesty and upright commitment to design allowing their customers to embark on a journey with a company they can rely on to provide them with quality for years to come.

A Personal Review of Oris Watches

Oris watches have long been recognized as beautiful crafted Swiss watches. Oris watches may not have the same brand recognition as some other Swiss-made watches but they are never the less an exceptional timepiece that anyone would be proud to own.

I’ve owned an Oris wristwatch for many years; in fact, my Oris was my first ever Swiss watch. I’ve never tired of my Oris watch, and although I have since bought other fine Swiss watches, I wear it often and still admire its simple but elegant design. So, perhaps the following review of Oris watches is a personal view, though I have tried to remain objective on the current collection of Oris watches.

Oris watches used to follow the more traditional lines of watch design, but recently the company has endeavoured to offer the consumer more up-to-date watch designs, particularly in the sports watches arena. Oris began making sports watches only as recently as the nineteen seventies. Their first sports watch was the Oris Chromoris. Oris still manufacture the Chronoris today, the most recent model being the Chronoris 2005. The Chronoris Chronograph is a simple design made from stainless steel with a black and orange saddle-leather strap; the strap is supposed to emphasize the ‘sportiness’ of the watch, however I feel they are better sports watches on the market today. A better sports watch offered by Oris is the TT1 collection. These watches come with mechanical automatic movement with simultaneous indication of 2 individual time zones. You also get a date display at the 3 o’clock position as well as a black dial with luminous display, a curved scratchproof sapphire glass, with water resistance up to 100 meters. In my opinion the Oris TT1 Worldtimer is the best watch in this series. Recently Oris teamed up with the Williams F1 Team to produce the Oris Williams F1 Team sports watch. I’m not a tremendous fan of this watch. Call me a snob, but I wouldn’t want a watch I owned to be known by any other brand except the watch brand. Also, I think if you are looking for a sports watch they are other brands of watches that offer better styling.

The Oris Big Crown Collection belongs to their aviation series. The big crown being a reminder of the early days of aviation when pilots had to adjust their watches whilst wearing thick gloves. This collection of watches is more like what I’d expect from Oris. The Oris Big Crown comes with mechanical automatic movement with stop function display of hours and minutes from the centre, small permanent second at nine o’clock, decentralised minute and hour counters, second counter from the centre, date at three o’clock. The is black guilloché with white numerals and indices, white lacquered hands; all contained in a stainless steel case 316L with applied fluted bezel, screwed case back. The watches are water-resistant to 50 m with plexiglass and black calfskin leather strap with Louisiana croco pattern and security clasp. The watch is also available with metal bracelet. The Oris Big Crown is a very beautifully designed piece of engineering.

The Culture series of Oris watches is what Oris is all about. Currently Oris offer the Frank Sinatra collection and the Miles Collection. These watches come in various models offering chronograph, complication, mother of pearl facia and diamonds) for those who like such things). My favourite collection is without doubt the Artelier collection. The Oris Artelier Chronograph, Oris Artelier Complication and Oris Artelier Lady Date are fine watches, but the Oris Artelier Pointer Date is the jewel in the collection. Oris are famed for their pointer date or sweep calendar. The company first developed this feature in 1938 and the pointer date is pretty much unique to Oris. Most watches display the date through a window on the dial but the Oris pointer date is a third arm that moves anti-clockwise around the face; the days of the months being displayed as another circle of number outside the hour marks: the end of the pointer arm being either a t-shape or the more traditional semi-circle. I own a pointer date Oris watch and am only too delighted to show this unique feature to those who appreciate a fine watch.

Without question Oris watches are top rated Swiss watches that are a desired by consumers who appreciate good quality mechanisms with simple but elegant designs. Oris watches are also reasonably priced compared to some other brands of watches and owning a beautiful Oris wristwatch is well within the means of most people.

3 Practical Reasons the Public Library Is Still Our Friend

As a freelance writer and curious sort that I am, I recently conducted a short survey just 1-2 blocks away from several libraries in a metro area. I was most curious to know why some library visitors frequented their public libraries. Out of the 231 participants ranging in ages 5 (with adult) through elderly, age 83, I found the following practical reasons as to why the public library is still our friend.

Following are the three most practical reasons based on my short interactive survey:

1. Internet Access at 89%. This category of visitors comprised business men, instructors, students, and job seekers. These visitors went to the library to check email, conduct research, look up news groups, listen to music, read online articles, do a job search, and/or to conduct search engine inquiries.

2. Physical Book Checkout at 9%. This percentage of visitors checked out books to take home to read at their own leisure. Some participants commented that they liked to hold a book in their hand as they sat in their recliner or go to the park to read a good novel. Children’s books were included in this category.

3. Children’s Corner at 2%. Due to the encouragement to expose young children to picture books and reading, several libraries have expanded their children’s corner to include puzzles, puppets, games, and housekeeping play area. Some young parents specifically took their children to the Children’s Corner as an educational outlet while they themselves browsed through a magazine.

Of course we know that different areas will vary on visitor percentages and reasons, but it’s reasonable to believe that these three practical reasons may prove that the public library is still our friend, and hope to be, for several years to come.

Woodworking Hand Tools Needed By A Person Who Wants To Become A Professional Furniture Maker Part2

This month we will be looking at chisels and marking and measuring tools. A few years ago now for another magazine I did a test of all of the brands of chisels available in the cabinet makers bevel edged pattern. The objective was to find the best branded chisel for apprentice cabinet makers. In doing this I found out that although chisels vary enormously in the quality of their grinding, the shape and the quality of the handles. However most of the manufactures are using a very similar grade of steel so the edge holding capacity of certainly European made chisels were very similar. What we did learn at this time was that if you move away from the European kind of chisel to the Japanese chisel it was possible to gain an edge holding capacity that would outlast the European chisel by 4 or 5 times. The disadvantage of going to Japanese is that they are made from a slightly more brittle steel but if one is careful in the way one uses them this wouldn’t seem to be a too great a disadvantage. However a slightly more serious disadvantage is the fact that re-sharpening a Japanese chisel takes a good deal longer than sharpening a European one. This is because the edge was made from a much harder steel and requires much greater care in sharpening.

So you pays your money and you takes your choice. If you get a European type pattern chisel you may well be sharpening the edge 4 or 5 times more frequently than the owner of a Japanese pattern chisel but sharpening tools shouldn’t be a big deal, it should be something that should be accomplished as a natural part of the rhythm of working. You work paring away at that tough bit of Maple for 15 – 20 – 25 minutes then your concentration goes and the natural way to restore it is a gentle walk down to the sharpening bench – strop, strop one side and strop, strop the other side, change stones, strop strop one side and strop, strop the other and you’re back again to work. Sharpening is good for you.

You are going to need a set of chisels that go down less than 1/8 th inch to approximately 11/2 inches. Especially in the small sizes you are going to need all of the chisels in as many variations in width as you can get. This is because one chisel may not fit in that dovetail opening while another one will. This can be best achieved by buying one set of chisels in say imperial measure (fractions of an inch) and then buying chisels that fill in the sizes between these in metric measure. Look at the way the chisel is ground. One of the features of the chisel is the way the back of the chisel is bevelled or cut back to lighten the blade. This really should go right down as close as possible to the flat back of the chisel. Imagine the difficulty of paring into a dovetail socket with a chisel that didn’t do this (and many of them don’t, with many chisels the bevelling is just a decorative effect rather than a useful property). Look also at the way the handle is fixed on to the blade and look at the size of handles. Many manufacturers these days are fitting one size of handle onto both small and large blades making the tools unbalanced and unwieldy. My personal preference is for wooden handle chisels that are not covered with a slippery plastic lacquer. Coming down to specific recommendations. I think of the Europeans pattern chisel I would recommend the Sorby 167 series. These are available from 1/8th inch up to 1 1/2 inches and cost between £18.82 for the smallest up to £25.74 for the largest. Of the Japanese I would recommend the “Umeki-Nomi.” These are very well bevelled chisels in fact they are often called dovetail chisels well made without being too expensive and available in 3mm, 6 mm, 9mm and 12 mm. Axminster power tools stock these at prices from £26 these chisels like most Japanese chisels have hollows ground into the flat backs to help with the fettling or preparation process.

Paring chisels are usually ground at a slightly finer angle and never used with a mallet. I have a pair of very beautiful Japanese paring chisels, one of 25 mm in width and a second of 35 mm width. These are extremely beautifully well balanced tools with long red oak handles but sadly I can’t find a supplier in the UK who can provide similar chisels for my students but I think they are available from the Garrett Wade catalogue. I hesitate to recommend a European pattern paring chisel because it takes too long to flatten the backs of a wide, long chisel. This is where the Japanese pattern with the hollow back scores so strongly. Sharpening your chisels you’ll need a Japanese waterstone. “King” make a very good 1200 grit stone at about £10.50 and I would also recommend buying a “King” finishing stone of 6000 grit. This will cost you £17.20. You can get a finer 8000 grit stone but I don’t think I would recommend this.

Now I will move on to marking and measuring tools. These are essential bits of equipment. First lets look at rules. This isn’t an imperial measure workshop and we are going to ask you to convert from feet and inches and start thinking in millimetres. Once you get used to it you’ll find it a much easier way of measuring out jobs. Buy rules with clear measurements that are engraved into the surface of the rule. There are lots of rules with metric and imperial measure but the best rule we’ve found is in metric only and it is produced by Stanley and is their metric 47R Range. These rules are available in 150 mm, 300 mm, 600 mm, and 1 metre and range in price between £4.04p and £23.01p. Please try to avoid cheap rules and avoid those rules that have metric and imperial and half millimetre graduations. These rules just tend to confuse. I would think to start with I would buy a 1 metre, a 300 mm and a 150 mm and later get a 600 mm. Measuring tapes are also useful for rough measuring out on boards and as long as it’s reasonably accurate any type of tape will do the job.

For marking knives we have taken to using Swann Morton Scalpels – there are several different kinds of handles and the blades are easily replaceable. This is after years of using specialist marking knives with the bevel on one side. Perhaps it’s my eyesight failing but I find the scalpel gives a cleaner crisper line to work to. You’ll need probably two marking gauges and two cutting gauges. “Crown” make quite nice small gauges and the Joseph Marples No.2 gauge is a well made simple gauge. One of the nicest gauges is the Veritas wheel marking gauge. This is quite a costly item at £15.08p and I probably wouldn’t spend that kind of money myself but it does look a very nice tool. If you didn’t want to buy the Veritas I may go for the Axminster Superior Marking Gauge at £8.64 made in Rosewood with brass fittings.

For mortice gauges you really do need to spend over £20 to buy a precision piece of equipment usually in Rosewood with brass fittings. You may find a good one second-hand but if you don’t then look at the Crown 154 Mortice Gauge at £21 or the Axminster Power Tools Superior Mortice Gauge at £28.55.

Along with gauges, rules, and marking out you need two engineers squares. I recommend an all metal engineers square because there are a large number of wooden handled tri-squares around that are just not quite accurate enough for cabinet making. You are going be needing a degree of accuracy in your marking out that will just not be achievable if you have a traitorous little instrument like a square that wasn’t quite square in your tool kit. Go for a high quality engineers square with BS939 engraved on the body of the square. This will guarantee that it’s been checked to a level of accuracy that you require. If you can check the square in the tool shop before you buy it against a higher grade of engineers square called an “inspectors grade square” or alternatively against a surface plate with a bottle gauge fitted on it. If the shop don’t have these instruments to test your squares they shouldn’t be selling the squares, go somewhere else. I would suggest that you buy a small 3 inch square which will cost about £17 and a larger 6 inch square which will cost about £21. You can if you are feeling very wealthy, go for a 9 inch square rather than a 6 inch square but that will cost you £45 or so. Another tool you are going to require is a bevelled straight edge. This is a piece of steel usually between 800 mm and 1000 mm in length used for cutting veneers and checking the flatness of timber and tools. It’s an important piece of equipment and you should buy the very best one you can afford. We’ve seen some bevelled straight edges coming from Axminster Power Tools that have been relatively inexpensive of between £15-£18 but the straightness has been rather dubious and we have had to have one edge re-machined by our local engineer. Checking and re-machining this tool could become an annual event unless you spend considerably more money and buy an engineers quality straight edge in the first place. That is if you can find one. My only source at the moment is the Garrett Wade catalogue.

You will need two sets of drill bits one set to cover the entire range of holes to be drilled from 1mm to 13mm. this is usually in a boxed set of “Jobbers” type and are available in increments of 0.2mm I think that to start I would be content with 0.5mm size increments. The other type of drills to get are a set of lip and spur pattern bits which are good at cutting clean accurate holes. This is the second of a series of articles published in Good Woodworking magazine by David Savage in August 2000. parts 1 and 3 are also available here, just down load and use them but please credit the author.